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Theme parks near Bibione

Various theme parks for adults and children are easily reached at brief distances from Bibione. Gulliverland, with its aquarium and prehistorical animals reproduced in natural size is dedicated to smaller children. Aquasplash is the biggest national aquatic park : amusement on slides, artificial waves, inflatable structures and various other attractions is guaranteed for all. For […]

Palmanova: fortress with nine points

Seen from above the town of Palmanova is a geometrically perfect nine-pointed star. A masterpiece of venetian military architecture built in the last ten years of the XVI century to defend the venetian republic from turkish invasions. Declared a national monument in 1960 and UNESCO candidate, Palmanova is different from other fortresses for its perfect […]

Trieste: history, art, sea and nature

With its central European appearance, Trieste is the most international and cosmopilitan city of the region. For centuries a frontier town, signs of which are visible in the numerous and elegant buildings of various styles harmoniously standing together. The white Miramare Castle, a fairy-tale construction on a promontory at the sea’s edge. Numerous historical cafés, […]

Aquileia, art and history

For those who would like to spend a day with history and culture Aquileia is a town which merits to be discovered with a historical-archeological inheritance of exceptional value. Founded by the Romans as a military colony in 181 A.D it became with time such an important point of commerce that during the dominion of […]

Bibione and The Blue Flag in 2016

For the 25th time Bibione has recieved this important acknowledgement. The Foundation for Einvironmental Education (FEE) researchs and assigns the Blue Flag to seaside resorts and touristic marinas which distinguisch themselves for the quality of the water, the beach and services offered. Clean sea and sustainable tourism…this is Bibione

Venice, the enchanted city reflected in water

Venice is perhaps the most elegant and suggestive italian locality known and loved by visitors from all over the world who remain enraptured by the multitude of beautiful palaces and art works. Easy to reach from Bibione by car, train, bus or boat to spend the day roaming through narrow streets, and palaces and the […]

A walk to the Bibione Lighthouse

The Bibione Lighthouse is a point of reference for those who enjoy walking through woods. From Piazza Zenit going east there is a pathway which follows the line of the beach. The Lighthouse restored in 2015 still evokes the ‘guiding light’ in the dark to help sailors. White in colour it stands out on golden […]