From 3rd July until 28th August, “Bikenight” every Tuesday.

“Bikenight” every Tuesday evening from 3rd July until 28th August 2018. A bicycle route which has several stops along the  Bibione beach with the Lighthouse as a final destination where there will be organized entertainment and tasting of local products  by the company Viviverde in San Michele al Tagliamente.

The stops along the way will be:

– Bibione Pineda – Kokeshy                                     (h 20.30)

– Lido del Sole – Piazzale Adriatico                         (h 20.40)

– Bibione Spiaggia – in front of Hotel Corallo          (h 20.50)

– Piazzale Zenith –                                                                 (h 21.00)

– Lighthouse –                                                                        (h 21.10)