Adriatico cycle path

Itinerary: Lighthouse-Mouth of the Tagliamento River-promenade-Lecceta Wood

The cycle path along the seafront of Bibione – the longest on the Adriatic – is a varied and enchantingly beautiful route. It is the easiest and most charming way to visit the coast, between the sand dunes and pinewoods, thanks also to the many direct beach access points and racks where bikes can be parked. It is ideal to start from the river park at the mouth of the Tagliamento River, reach the lighthouse and from there, take the cycle path running along the beach.

We recommend continuing the route to Lecceta, an important autochthonous wood of maritime pines, holm oaks, oaks, wild asparagus, heathers, several varieties of orchid and the feathery Fairy Flax, a plant typical of sandy coasts that features long silver-coloured awns.

The bike path goes past the seafront Hotel Italy, which provides customers with the bike and the information needed to organize a fun and healthy trip around Bibione.